• Darby & Joan
    Acorn TV - Drama - Premieres August 8 on Acorn TV
  • Abbie Chats
    Abbie Chats - Now streaming on TenPlay
  • Gruen
    ENTERTAINMENT - ABC - The show that tracks advertising almost as closely as advertising tracks you.
  • Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery
    ENTERTAINMENT - ABC - Sundays 7.40pm on ABC iview and ABC TV
  • My Life is Murder
    DRAMA - TVNZ & Acorn TV - MY LIFE IS MURDER returns bigger than ever. And this time, it all happens in her own hometown.
  • Homicide with Ron Iddles
    FACTUAL - CHANNEL 7 - Homicide with Ron Iddles is the closest you’ll come to being the lead investigator in a murder case.
  • Outback Car Hunters
    QUEST & DISCOVERY+ (UK & IRE) - Car fanatics GT and Dave set off on a road trip in search of abandoned or forgotten classic cars.


My Life is Murder

Starring New Zealand’s own Lucy Lawless, My Life is Murder is a contemporary mystery of the week spin-off series, featuring fearless and unapologetic Alexa Crowe whose unique skills and insights allow her to unravel the truth behind the most baffling of crimes.




It’s the year everything stopped... except advertising. So, we can’t stop either. Gruen is back for a brand new season where marketing secrets are unmasked faster than a conspiracy theorist in Bunnings.