Bondi Rescue

In 2020, welcome back to Bondi… home of the weird, wonderful, beautiful, deadly and dangerous.

Duration: 10 x 30 min

Commissioning Broadcaster: Network Ten

Key Credits:
Series Producer – BEN DAVIES
Executive Producer – MICHAEL CORDELL

After closing for first time since World War II due to the COVID pandemic, Bondi Beach is back open for business for the 2020/21 summer. But this year is like no other. For the first time, lifeguards are divided into five separate working pods to maintain social distancing. And that means an unprecedented ten new lifeguards join all the Bondi Rescue favourites to keep beachgoers safe. Two of the newbies, Tyson and Eddie, have never worked as lifeguards before so the pressure’s on them to prove they have what it takes to join Bondi’s finest.

Despite a summer with lots of overcast weather, there’s still a lot happening at Bondi. This year the Bondi lifeguards deal with a paraglider dumping into the surf, a missing kayaker in treacherous conditions, a report of a body floating around the north end rocks, an angry beachgoer attacking a surfer and a game of beach gridiron that comes to a painful halt.

Even though the Australian border is closed to international tourists there are still plenty of beachgoers who needed rescuing by Bondi lifeguards this summer including the longest rescue in Bondi’s history. Newbie Max Milligan has to paddle 500 metres out to the shark buoy to rescue an 18-year-old poor swimmer. Hoppo performs his first rescue since lockdown when he spots a swimmer struggling in the surf while on his training break. And when the big surf hits Bondi, lifeguards are kept busy rescuing surfers separated from their boards.

Of course, because it’s Bondi, there are plenty of quirky scenarios confronting lifeguards this summer. Is it a matter of pride before a fall when Harrison has to get a rat out of the skate bowl? After Mario volunteers to jump start the buggy, fellow lifeguards are surprised when smoke pours from the engine. Harries is called on to catch an enormous dog creating havoc on the beach. And three of the lifeguards go underwater to get a closer look at the animals that live below the surface around Bondi.