Bondi Rescue

Bondi Rescue is back for its 18th season. With a hot summer predicted and tourists back in town, lifeguards are preparing for one of the busiest summers ever at Bondi.

Duration: 10 x 30 min

Commissioning Broadcaster: Network Ten

Key Credits:
Series Producer – RICK MCPHEE

With one of the busiest seasons expected, lifeguards are gearing up for crowds of up to 30,000 at Australia’s most famous beach. But it’s not just rescues and resuscitations lifeguards are expecting to deal with. If past years are anything to go by there might be lost children, shark sightings, inappropriate beachgoer behaviour, blue bottle stings, surfing accidents, cars accidentally driven onto the beach, paragliders crashing into the water, green whistles, baby sharks in the children’s pool, rats trapped in the skate park, celebrity sightings, spinal injuries, capsized fishermen, kayakers lost at sea, rolling jet skis, drunk people, boats on fire, a Santa visit, nudie runs, New Year’s Day mayhem, seals, hundreds of thousands international visitors, Prime Ministerial visits, inflatables drifting out to sea, sea urchin cuts, penguins, injured birds, super fans, people falling off the cliff, ice baths, a runaway police horse, a bomb washed up on the beach and of course, Harries being Harries. They are prepared for it all.