My Life is Murder

MY LIFE IS MURDER returns bigger than ever. And this time, it all happens in her own hometown.

Duration: 10 x 44 min

Streaming Service Premiere:
Acorn TV,  30 August 2021

Key Credits:

Producer: Mark Beesley
Line Producer: Tara Landry
Executive Producers: Lucy Lawless, Claire Tonkin, Rachel Antony Tim Pye
Writers: Tim Pye, Jodie Molloy, Chris Hawkshaw, Kathryn Burnett, Shoshana McCallum, Kate McDermott, Malinna Liang, Claire Tonkin
Directors: Britta Hawkins, Mike Smith, Kiel McNaughton, Katie Wolfe, Michael Hurst

Starring New Zealand’s own Lucy Lawless, My Life is Murder is a contemporary mystery of the week spin-off series, featuring fearless and unapologetic Alexa Crowe whose unique skills and insights allow her to unravel the truth behind the most baffling of crimes.


In 2020, we were introduced to Alexa Crowe – fiercely independent, bread maker, cat lady, flirt, game player, provocateur and brilliant detective.

Attracting high profile guest cast week after week, the series was critically acclaimed, with the LA Times calling the series, “a delightful new detective show” and the Sydney Morning Herald declaring: “What this clever Lucy Lawless vehicle does with the situational whodunit featuring an eccentric sleuth and a kooky tech-savvy sidekick is genius.”

So when Alexa brings her unique brand of investigation to an unsuspecting Tāmaki Makaurau, MY LIFE IS MURDER returns bigger than ever. And this time, it all happens in her own hometown.


Finding herself back in Aotearoa for the first time in years, Alexa can’t help herself when she is asked to look into a bizarre unsolved murder. And then – like an itch she can’t help scratching – Alexa quickly finds herself investigating other murder mysteries in surprising, glamorous worlds filled with intriguing characters who are hiding dangerous and deadly secrets.