Abbie Chats

Abbie Chatfield goes on a journey to meet asexuals and porn stars, and to get to know the real people behind the misconceptions.

Broadcaster: Tenplay

Key Credits:

Presenter: Abbie Chatfield
Executive Producer:
Damian Davis

ABBIE CHATS is an original documentary interview series where reality TV and podcast queen Abbie Chatfield takes a deep dive into worlds that are often misunderstood, or under understood and meet people who live, think and love differently. Armed with her cheek, charm and endless curiosity she asks the questions we’d all like to ask. She’ll look beyond the click-bait headlines to uncover the humanity and the heart of people that are often misunderstood, or under-understood.

In this pilot episode ABBIE CHATS: ASSEXUALS AND PORN STARS she sets out to look at two very different aspects of sexuality.

It’s estimated one percent of Australians identify as Asexual, but Abbie feels that like a lot of us, she knows the term but not really much about what it means. To better understand she spends a day with 32 year-old Keira, a biromantic asexual who came to the realisation that she was asexual while studying science at university. Together they meet three other very different asexuals, who talk about the pressures they have had to conform to a sexual-normative life and the long routes they’ve come to realise their sexual identity.  Abbie comes to the realisation that asexuality that is a spectrum and that diversity is part of the reason many if us struggle to fully understand what being asexual actually means.

Abbie also challenges her own misconceptions about the porn industry and the way porn performers are treated today. She sits down with Australia’s own international porn superstar Angela White, to discuss how she’s harnessed her love of sex and made that into a hugely succeful career. Angela talks to Abbie about the way sex workers are treated by a broader society and the disparity between the perception and the reality of the professional industry.

Abbie also hangs out with local porn performer Charlotte Star and steps onto an actual, real life, porn set, to watch them filming of a lesbian threesome. What she witnesses shocks her in more ways than one.

ABBIE CHATS: ASSEXUALS AND PORN STARS is an honest, revealing and surprising journey of discovery.