Guerilla Gardeners

Six young warriors armed to the teeth with attitude and gardening tools band together to make-over the most barren and concrete-filled spaces in our cities.

Duration: 26 x 30 min

Australia – 2011

Network Ten

Key Credits:
Hosted by – DAVE LAWSON
Created by – NICK MURRAY
Directed by – DAMIAN DAVIS

When the sun goes down and the city workers retreat to the ‘burbs, the Guerrillas undertake covert operations that transform the biggest eye- sores in the concrete jungle into an oasis of greenery and recreation.

With youth and enthusiasm in their favour, the five Guerrillas stop at nothing to reach a potential site – they will abseil, rope and parkour (picture the opening scene of Casino Royale) to get to the make-over site on a 20 foot high ledge, or a gated median strip between a freeway and a tunnel.

They routinely defy trespass laws and development consent. The Guerrillas have just 12 hours to transform the ugliest urban eye-sores into an oasis of greenery.