Revolution School

REVOLUTION SCHOOL is a four part documentary series which investigates how to improve secondary education in Australia.

Duration: 4 x 60 min

Australia – 2016


Key Credits:
Series Producer – ALEX WEST

At a time when we are falling behind in the international education rankings, it tells the story of Kambrya College, a typical outer suburban high school in Melbourne. Kambrya struggles, but led by Principal Michael Muscat, it raises standards by applying cutting edge research developed by Professor John Hattie at the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education.

Hattie knows what truly makes a difference to student achievements at school. The documentary was filmed over an entire school year using fixed camera rigs. It reveals change is challenging and confronting for students and teachers alike. However by applying simple low cost ideas in the classroom, Kambrya undergoes a dramatic transformation. Ultimately this is a lesson for all schools in Australia, identifying what they can do to improve standards at this critical time.