Dave in the Life

Dave tackles the problem with his trademark mix of naivety and fearlessness.  By day, he hangs out with a range of outspoken artists and their critics.  By night, in his bedroom, he’s secretly Googling images then crudely cutting-and-pasting to create a work of his own that might make headlines, or at least provoke a rotten tomato?

Premiere:  May 11 2009

Broadcaster: SBS

Duration: 10 x 25 min

Key Credits:

Executive Producers: Michael Cordell and Nick Murray

Narrator- Dave Zwolenski

When police were called on to remove some of Bill Henson’s gothic nude photographs of underage girls from a Sydney art gallery last year. It seemed to divide Australia on an issue no-one knew existed before. But, what’s going on when one of our nation’s most famous photo artists is accused of being a child pornographer? Dave embarks on a quest to find the murky (and rapidly shifting) line between art and child pornography.